The Amazing Circulatory System

Every moment of every day, thousands of things happen within your body and you don’t have to consciously think about any of them! Your heart beats, you breathe in and out, your organs function, impurities are filtered, hormones are produced and your blood flows through miles of veins and arteries-all while you sleep, carry on a conversation, or go to work.

One of these autonomous systems is your circulatory system. Comprised of the heart, arteries and veins, blood, and lymph, the circulatory system does more than move blood and lymph around the body; your circulatory system regulates your body temperature, activates your immune system to fight off disease and makes sure that the chemical makeup within your body is balanced.

The Heart

Clench your fist. Your clenched fist is about the size of your heart, the muscular organ that pumps blood into your arteries and around your entire body. The four chambers of the heart work in concert to bring in oxygen-poor blood, re-oxygenate that blood and then send out the oxygenated blood to feed cells everywhere in the body.

On the right side of the heart are the nerves that tell the heart to beat. These nerves originate in the sinoatrial node, which functions as the natural pacemaker for your heart.

The Case for CoQ10
Found in every cell of the body, coenzyme-Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that performs a host of functions for the circulatory system. It helps prevent lipid oxidation, supports already-normal-range blood pressure levels and protects the cardiovascular system.

What Does Your Blood Pressure Reading Tell You?

Perhaps you’ve wondered what the numbers mean in a blood pressure reading. Rates for life insurance with high blood pressure can be different to people who don’t suffer from this. Blood pressure refers to the force or pressure, that blood exerts on arterial walls as it circulates through the body. Traditionally, blood pressure monitors use mercury to measure this exerted pressure and the numbers are derived from how far up the tube the mercury is pushed during the contractions and relaxations of the heart, measured in millimeters.

If you have a blood pressure reading of 120/80, it means that, during a heart contraction (systole), the mercury was pushed 120 mm up the bar; during the time the heart relaxes (diastole), the mercury was pushed 80 mm up the bar. The top number is the systolic measurement and the bottom number is the diastolic measurement. A systolic measurement of 130 or more is concerning and your doctor will most likely recommend eating a healthier diet, getting more exercise, losing weight and/or looking into natural or pharmaceutical methods of decreasing the pressure that your heart and arteries are under.

Naturally Support Healthy Blood Pressure
Featuring a powerful blend of herbal ingredients, including Coleus forskohlii, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract and hawthorn berries as well as the amino acid arginine, Blood PressureX offers herbal support for healthy cardiovascular function.

Your Blood

Blood is composed of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Blood is the transport method by which nutrients are distributed throughout the body, so healthy blood means that all the parts of your body are more able to receive needed nutrients.

Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood, and it is mostly water. It is in the plasma that the red and white blood cells and the platelets are suspended, along with nutrients, hormones, and clotting factors. Waste products, too, are carried in the plasma before they are taken to the organs and systems that excrete them.

Red blood cells, or erythrocytes are produced in the bone marrow and live for about 120 days before being eliminated in the spleen. During their lifespan, red blood cells bind and transport oxygen and carbon dioxide. They have antigens on their surfaces, which produce polysaccharides that stimulate your immune system. The type of antigen your red blood cells carry determines your blood type.

White blood cells, or leukocytes, are the soldiers of your immune system. They, like red blood cells, are produced in your bone marrow. Leukocytes are divided into several categories, including lymphocytes, which live in your lymph nodes and act like tiny SWAT teams, rushing to the location where an intruder antigen has invaded and killing it off; neutrophils and monocytes, which engulf and destroy invading microorganisms and eosinophils and basophils, whose functions are still not well understood.

Rev Up Your Circulatory System with Rejuvenaid
Nature’s Sunshine Rejuvenaid features a proprietary blend of red beet root and L-Arginine to naturally produce and sustain superior levels of nitric oxide (NO). This signaling molecule relaxes arteries and blood vessels to improve blood flow, increase energy and stamina, promote cardiovascular function and support healthy blood pressure.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of-or an extension of-the circulatory system. Made up of lymph fluid, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. The lymphatic system acts as a first responder in your immune system. Its major jobs are to house lymphocytes while filtering out foreign invaders. LymphoMax may help.

Keeping Your Circulatory System Happy

You want your circulatory system to be healthy so that nutrients can reach all the parts of your body. A healthy heart, strong arterial walls and clean blood are essential to health. Your body can easily kill and eject harmful foreign invaders.

The best way to keep your circulatory system healthy is by eating a diet full of whole foods-especially raw and lightly steamed vegetables-and getting adequate exercise. This keeps your heart strong, allows your body to build components of your blood and lymphatic systems, and boosts your immune system.

It’s a great idea to greatly reduce or eliminate sugar in your diet. Sugar acts like sandpaper on your arterial walls, the tiny crystals scratching them up so that plaque can find places to adhere. Too much plaque blocks your arteries, which can cause heart disease and heart attack. It’s a great idea to avoid junk food, hydrogenated oils, and smoking,

As you strive to keep your circulatory system running at optimal status, you’ll probably notice you feel more energy, your skin glows and it’s easier to control your weight.

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