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Health Naturally Begins with the Health Basics

First, let’s take a look at disease. The word has come to represent something scary and something over which we have little or no control. It means ugly things are happening to an organ or organs of our bodies. We need to change this mindset.

Getting down to health basics, a more revealing way to think of disease is to write and say it as dis-ease. This gives you back control over your health.

When you are in a situation where you are not at ease at a gathering where people are discussing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Do you stay there and just let the situation ‘happen to you’ or do you change the situation (walk away or change the subject)?

You DO something to put yourself at ease.

Whatever your health concerns are right now, determine that what you need to do is make changes that will put your body systems at ease. These health basics are the best place to start.

19th century herbalist Samuel Thomson penned,

“Let Names of all disorders be
Like to the limbs joined to the tree,
Work on the root, and that subdue,
And all the limbs will bow to you.

So as the body is the tree,
The limbs are the colic, pleurisy,
Worms and gravel, gout and stone,
Remove the cause and they are gone.”

To improve our health and return our self’s back to a state of ‘ease’, we need to go to the health basics and chop at the root, not the limbs.

“You might compare disease to a tree with three roots. These three roots are the three things which cause the body to break down.

(1) The first root of disease is nutritional deficiency or the lack of nutrients and oxygen needed for cell health.

(2) The second root of disease is toxic accumulation. These are the poisons which irritate and damage cells, creating inflammation. They can be heavy metals, chemicals or poisons which come from outside the body or they can be the body’s own un-eliminated waste products.

(3) The third root of disease is mental and emotional stress. This disrupts the energy flow through the nerves in the body and causes fluids to become stagnant.

“All disease starts out in the acute stage and then moves on into the chronic and degenerative stages. In the beginning of disease, the tissues become damaged or irritated and inflammation set in. It is the job of the lymphatic system to remove the excess fluid and waste from the damaged area. The lymphatic system contains lymph nodes, which act like mini sewage treatment plants to remove bacteria, toxins and so forth from the lymph before returning it to the blood stream.

“If this healing process does not take place, then the cells in the area begin to weaken or die. This causes that organ or tissue to be unable to contribute its proper share of the work in the body. This lowers the energy and vitality of the entire body.

“Most people are trying to cut disease off at the branches instead of the roots. They want to suppress the various symptoms of nutritional deficiency, toxic accumulation and unresolved negative attitudes and feelings. These symptoms are the efforts of the body to keep itself in balance and suppressing them only makes new branches (new symptoms and diseases) grow.

“In order to wipe out disease at the roots, we need to do three things.

  • First, we need to get nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  • Secondly, we need to break up the stagnant pools and remove the toxins from the system.
  • Third, we need to resolve mental and emotional stresses so the healing processes are stimulated within the body.”
  • [From The ABC+D Approach To Natural Healing, Tree of Light Publishing (www.treelite.com), copyright 2003, used with permission of author.]

Steven Horne, AHG has a wonderful analogy of how our bodies function and what its needs are to stay healthy. You are looking at the health basics. He compares the body to a furnace (like the old, black pot bellied stove my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was very young). In order for the furnace to work properly to create heat or energy, it takes in fuel and air. When those are consumed, smoke and ash (waste products) are removed via the chimney. Similarly, our bodies take in oxygen and fuel (foods and other nutrients) and in the process of burning the fuel it creates energy for the body to function. The body then eliminates the waste.

If a furnace doesn’t receive the proper amount of either fuel or air or both, the flame begins to die. If the chimney becomes clogged the waste cannot be removed and the flame begins to suffocate. This is what happens when our bodies are in a diseased state. We don’t receive the nutrients and oxygen we need, our eliminative organs become weak, toxins accumulate, inflammation follows which causes the nutrient and oxygen supply to become even further diminished. The “flame of life” in each cell suffocates in its own waste.

Understanding this analogy gives us a very simple way to turn around our health crises and take simple ‘doable’ steps (ABC+D’s blended with the 4 R’s), or health basics to create healing.

A, B, C + D’s

  1. “Fan the dying spark of life.” Like putting air into the firebox, we need to stimulate or Activate the body’s energies.
  2. “Put the right kind of fuel into the firebox so we can have a clean burning flame.” We need to supply the body with nutrients that Build.
  3. “Open the chimneys so that the smoke will be eliminated, and clean out the accumulated ashes.” In our bodies there are basically 5 chimneys: the bowel, the kidneys, the skin, the lungs and the liver. We need to help all these ‘chimneys’ to function at optimum capacity. We need to Cleanse them.
  4. Sometimes all that’s needed is the general ABC’s in order to heal the body. Often it is necessary to target specific imbalances that begin in a particular body system and gradually weaken the whole body. That’s where “D” comes in — Direct Aid.

The 4 R’s

Support for the gastrointestinal tract is a foundational health basic for support to the rest of the body systems. In the text book Natural Remedies for Common Ailments, Dr. Hugo Rodier, M.D. references numerous medical journals in coming to the conclusion that “…Virtually all systemic or body diseases can be traced to gut inflammation!” In my own personal experience and that of my clients, when gut health is improved, every other body system improves.

 #2. Replace Digestive Enzymes. “Better-digested food, which depends on enzymes, is less immunogenic when it reaches the intestines; that is, it is less likely to be attacked as a foreign substance and more likely to be assimilated.” 

#3. Reinoculate Friendly Organisms with Probiotics:

  1. Lower pH.
  2. Produce short-chain fatty acids indispensable for healthy cells.
  3. Block lock mutation of intestinal cells that may lead to cancer.
  4. Kill bacteria
  5. Stick to intestinal walls, thus preventing noxious bacteria from sticking.
  6. Assimilate cholesterol
  7. Correct food intolerance, which is augmented by “prebiotics”.

 #4. Repair the Leakiness. Nutritional aids for this include

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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