Look to the stars for immune system health or just to an herb that sounds somewhat cosmic. The adaptogen Astragalus boosts your immune system and supports immune cells. It provides sterols, isoflavones and polysaccharides with immune-boosting benefits.  

  • Heightens immune system response  
  • Helps the body cope with occasional stress   
  • A powerful adaptogen  

Why Our Astragalus?  

Grown throughout Asia, astragalus is one of the most storied herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our astragalus comes from the lush, cool plains of China where the climate and soil conditions perfectly support its growth. Our plants are grown for two seasons before harvest to ensure the roots are sufficiently mature to provide pure, powerful herbal nutrients. We work with rural farmers to support remote villages and we partner with other experts to teach and implement sustainable harvesting practices to protect and preserve our natural world. Our decades-long partnership ensures us the highest quality crop so we can provide you with astragalus that is non-GMO and certified Kosher and Halal.  

The Story Behind  Astragalus 

Astragalus is a variety of pea native to China, Mongolia and North Korea. Recorded in “Shennong  Bencao  Jing” (The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica), a classic of herbal medicine for Chinese practitioners, astragalus was known as Huang Qi, which means “yellow leader.”   Listed among the superior class of herbs in classic texts, astragalus has been used for over 2,000 years! Even today it is recognized as one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  According to ancient Chinese philosophy, this sweet and tepid herb was used to tonify the spleen and lungs, enhance blood flow and improve “Yin” deficiency. Modern Chinese practitioners tout its use in supporting the immune system and healthy blood circulation.  


Astragalus root 


Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily. 

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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