Body Ecology – a Guide for Beginners

Intestinal SystemKey Products
DiarrheaCharcoal, Activated; Ginger
Intestinal InvadersPara Cleanse; Artemisia Combination
ProbioticsBifidophilus Flora Force; Bacillus; Probiotics Eleven
FiberPsyllium Hulls Combination; Fat Grabbers
Bowel – StimulantsBowel Detox; LBS II
Bowel Stimulants – GentleGentle Move; Everybody’s Fiber
SoothingSmall Intestine Detox; Intestinal Soothe & Build
ToningL-Glutamine; Una de Gato
Digestive SystemKey Products
AntacidStomach Comfort; Catnip & Fennel, Papaya Mint
Anti-GasChlorophyll, Liquid; Anti Gas
StimulationLOCLO; Nature’s Three
EnzymesFood Enzymes; Proactazyme
TonicNature’s Noni
Occasional NauseaGinger; Peppermint Oil
IrritationProbiotics Eleven; Gastro Health
Nervous SystemKey Products
StressNutri-Calm; Stress-J
AnxiousnessAnxiousLess; Nutri-Calm
Mood/seasonal blues5-HTP; Mood Elevator
Eye HealthPerfect Eyes
Cognitive – MemoryMind-Max; Brain Protex; Gingko
Cognitive – FocusFocus Attention; Mind-Max, Brain Protex
TonicNervous System Pack; Olive Leaf Extract
SleepNervous Fatigue, Herbal Sleep; Melatonin Extra
Pain – JointRelief Formula; APS II w/White Willow; IF Relief
Pain – CrampsMagnesium Complex; Cramp Relief
Circulatory System Key Products
Blood – ThinnerNattozimes Plus;  Garlic, High Potency
Blood – StimulantBlood PressureX; Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley
Blood – CholesterolCholester-Reg II; CardioxLDL; Olive Leaf Extract
Heart TonicSolstic Cardio; Super Omega-3 EPA
General TonicCardio Assurance; Circulatory System Pack; Solstic Cardio; HS II; Thai-Go; CoQ-10
Blood Vessels – Vascular TonicVari Gone
Blood Vessels – ChelationMega-Chel; Guggul Lipid
Blood Vessels – FlowMenstrual Reg
Blood Vessels – EndothelialSolstic Cardio
Respiratory SystemKey Products
Lung SupportHistaBlock; ALJ
Stimulant – Chest & SinusALJ; Sinus Support EF
Soothing – Damp & DryALJ; CC-A; Marshmallow & Fenugreek
IrritationBronchial Formula
TonicRespiratory System Pack; Lung Support  
InvadersSilver Shield; Seasonal Defense
Glandular SystemKey Products
AdrenalAdrenal Support; Energ-V
Adrenal -Stimulant–AdaptogenicMineral Chi Tonic; Pantothenic Acid; AdaptaMax
PituitaryMaster Gland; Alfalfa
ThyroidThyroid Support; Thyroid Activator
TonicMaster Gland; Glandular System Pack
Pancreas – EnergeticSugarReg; Berberine IR
Pancreas – LethargicChromium GTF; Stixated
Female – Sexual HealthX-Action (Women)
Female – Hormone BalanceDHEA-F; Female Comfort
Female – Menstrual–Cramps & FlowCramp Relief; Menstrual Reg
Female – MenopauseFlash Ease; Natural Changes
Female – PrenatalNature’s Prenatal; Red Raspberry; Calcium Plus D
Female – ProgesteroneEstro Assured; Wild Yam & Chaste Tree
Male – Sexual HealthX-Action Reloaded
Male – ProstateEquolibrium; Men’s Formula
Male – TestosteroneDHEA-M
Hepatic (Liver) SystemKey Products
Blood CleanseLiver Balance; Enviro-Detox; BP-X
Blood TonicChlorophyll, Liquid; Blood Stimulator
Gallbladder – SoftenGall Bladder Formula; Hydrangea
Detox – CleanseLiver Cleanse; Enviro-Detox
Detox – Heavy MetalHeavy Metal Detox
CholesterolCholester-Reg II; Guggul Lipid
GlucoseSugarReg; Chromium GTFBerberine IR
Urinary SystemKey Products
UT Support & PreventionJP-X; Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate
SoothingUrinary Maintenance; Marshmallow
TonicUrinary System Pack; KB-C  
DiureticKidney Activator; Kidney Activator Chinese
Immune SystemKey Products
Foreign Invaders – BacterialSilver Shield; Solstic Immune
Cellular HealthPaw Paw Cell-Reg; E-Tea
Foreign Invaders – ViralVS-C; Lysine   
Foreign Invaders – Seasonal InvadersElderberry D3fense; Silver Shield
StimulatingImmune Stimulator; Colostrum with Immune Factors
LymphaticLymphoMax; Lymphatic Drainage; IN-X
Structural SystemKey Products
Skin/NailsHSN-W; MSM: Super Supplemental
Skin/Nails – SalvesGolden Salve, Silver Shield Gel
Skin/Nails – Essential OilTei-Fu Oil
Bone HealthSkeletal Strength; Chondroiton, MSM
PainNerve Eight; Turmeric Curcumin, IF Relief
Joint HealthEverFlex; Joint Support; Tei-Fu Lotion
Muscle CrampsMagnesium Complex; Potassium; Cramp Relief
TCM –Traditional Chinese MedicineKey Products
MetalLung Support; Breathe Activator
EarthSpleen Activator; Anti-Gas
WaterKB-C; Kidney Activator
FireNervous Fatigue; Stress Relief
WoodBlood Stimulator; Liver Balance
Yin/YangHY-C; IF-C; VS-C
ChiTrigger Immune; Mood Elevator; Nature’s Chi
Daily EssentialsKey Products
Multi/VitaminSuper Trio; Super Supplemental, Solstic Twenty Four
Minerals – TraceIonic Minerals w/ Acai; Mineral Chi Tonic
MineralsSkeletal Strength, Magnesium Complex, Potassium
EnergySolstic Energy; Solstic Revive, SUMA Combination, Eleuthero
Essential Fatty AcidsSuper Omega-3 EPA; Super GLA
ProbioticsBifidophilus Flora Force; Bacillus; Probiotics Eleven
FiberPsyllium Hulls Combination; Fat Grabbers
StressNutri-Calm; Stress-J
AntioxidantsThai-Go; Super Antioxidants
Weight ManagementKey Products
Meal ReplacementNutri Burn; Nature’s Harvest; Love & Peas; SmartMeal
ThyroidThyroid Activator; Kelp; Dulse
Blood Sugar BalanceChromium GTF; Berberine IR
ThermogenicUltra Therm; Garcinia Combination
CleansingDieter’s Cleanse; CleanStart
Fat BindingFat Grabbers; Cellu Smooth; CLA
Hunger managementLicorice; Super Algae; Stixated; Garcinia Comb
StressNutri Calm; Stress-J
OthersCarbo Grabbers
ChildrenKey Products
Respiratory & Immune Elderberry Immune Gummies
 Daily EssentialsChildren’s Multi Vitamins & Minerals

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article. 

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