Metabolic Dysfunction and the Microbiome

We’ve come to think that our bodies are our own, but science has recently shown that our bodies are shared vessels with trillions of bacteria that call our bodies home.  The microbiome is the collective genes of 100 trillion bacteria that live inside us, their communities are called the microbiota. Humans have complicated relationships with… Continue reading Metabolic Dysfunction and the Microbiome

The Amazing Circulatory System

Every moment of every day, thousands of things happen within your body and you don’t have to consciously think about any of them! Your heart beats, you breathe in and out, your organs function, impurities are filtered, hormones are produced and your blood flows through miles of veins and arteries-all while you sleep, carry on… Continue reading The Amazing Circulatory System

Relieving Stress

Why it’s Important to Your Health Everyone experiences stress in some form or another. In fact, 70% of adults admit they feel anxiety or stress every day. A little bit of stress is normal and perhaps even good since stress helps us stay on our toes and adjust to life’s changes. Often it arises when… Continue reading Relieving Stress

The Liver

The Amazing Chemical Plant Of Our Bodies The liver is the largest and most complex organ in the body, the liver plays a central governing role in the maintenance of many critical body functions. Acting as the body’s master chemical laboratory, the liver is an incomparable chemical plant capable of more than 500 known functions.… Continue reading The Liver

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