Essential Oil Support Products

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray (32 oz)

Massage Oil (4 oz)

Carrier Oil (8 oz)

Hand and Body Carrier Lotion (6 oz)

Aloe Vera Gel (8 oz)


Aromaball Diffuser allows you to use a few drops of essential oils to freshen up a room. The diffuser comes with 10 absorbent cards to which you apply a few drops of oil. Simply slip the card into the diffuser and plug into a wall socket.

Mini UBS Travel Diffuser

Diffuses oil for up to 6 hours

Emits a fine mist for 30, 60, or 120 minutes

LED lighting, with multiple color combinations to enhance your aromatic experience

How It Works:

Take your Authentic Essential oils wherever life takes you with the USB Travel Diffuser. A compact, sleek design that is perfect for your home, office, or vehicle. Includes:USB travel diffuser unit, USB cable and car adaptor

Recommended Use: Add 5-6 drops of oil for aromatherapy benefits

Includes one Ultrasonic Diffuser, Power Adapter, instruction manual and water measuring cup.

Ultrasonic Authentic Essential Oil Diffuser Simple to operate! Just add distilled water and Nature’s Sunshine Authentic Essential Oils.

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.  

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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