Flower Essences and Chinese Herbs

It has been said that there is never a sick person who isn’t hiding their emotions. You kill the energy of life by doing this. Unresolved emotions must be dealt with for people to get physically well.

Flower Essences help people find balance emotionally and physically.  When you have balance with the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of your life, the body can move toward total healing.

Using the flower essences bring an awareness of what’s around us and what we need to do to correct it. 

Link your product to an emotional response because 90% of motivation to purchase is emotional

When thought and feelings align, change (improvement) can happen

Flower Essences do not have a placebo effect. You don’t have to believe in them for them to work. They work well on animals, too.

All Flower Essences are in a glycerin base which does not encourage yeast or candida or upset blood sugar levels

Determining Which Product(s) To Use

An emotional test is available at no charge by going to http://treelite.com/quizzes/emotional-health-assessment.php

If the Essence is not helping after a week or two, you are probably using the wrong one.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese call the life energy Chi or Qi.  It makes the difference between life and death.

Balance is the key to health

Modern western medicine sees life as a mechanical process.  Everything is either a chemical imbalance corrected by drugs or a physical problem corrected by surgery. (Even modern psychiatry treats mental and emotional problems as physical—giving drugs to treat them.  When someone dies, the parts are all there, the chemicals are all there but the life force is gone.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) sees health as adjusting energy.  As the energy (or chi) is balanced and regulated, the biochemistry and structure of the body are rebalanced.

Yin vs. Yang

Calming (+) and nurturing (building) (-).

Chinese largely live in poverty and tend to have a deficiency. (YIN energy)

Americans tend to excess:  We eat too much, work too hard, play too hard. (YANG energy)

Many Americans can be deficient in some areas because they have over-worked, over-stressed, eaten nutrient deficient foods for a long time.  A person who is excess for long periods of time can become deficient (burned out; worn out) in one or more areas.

Enhancing the Grieving Process

Release It flower Essence and Breathe Activator (stressed formula) to speed the grieving process and help manage it

  • Grieving empties your lungs (as laughter does) and produces endorphins.  When one can’t get over the grieving process, their lungs are “stuffed full.”
  • To go through the grieving process:
  • On the left side, 2 ribs spaces below the collar bone, do a little circle clockwise (from inside to outside of the body) while taking deep breaths and exhaling completely.  Voice the grief that comes up.
  • There is nothing that you suffer that millions and millions have not suffered.
  • Love is a gift; cannot be demanded nor expected.  You don’t have to earn it.

Everything you love will die. Your choices are:

  • Pretend you won’t lose them or while they are here, have gratitude
  • If you don’t engage with the spiritual world, aging will be very difficult
  • Sympathy is terrible. It prevents them from dealing with the emptiness through the grieving process. They feel along in their pain.
  • Express empathy instead. “You miss them and I know it hurts.  It’s OK to hurt. “ 
  • Pain that is shared diminishes it. Joy is share, increases it

Grief that Needs to Be Released

Open Heart Flower Essence + Chinese Lung Support (weakened formula)

  • For people who have closed down their hearts to avoid being hurt again.
  • Heart becomes rigid; can lead to heart disease
  • Lack empathy and compassion for others
  • Arthritis (getting rigid)
  • Craving for sugar (needs sweetness in life)
  • (Diabetes and blood sugar problems)

Venting anger

Keep Cool Flower Essence + Chinese Liver Balance and IF-C (Stressed formulas). 

  • Is a dumping process to express emotions.  It involves blaming others which gives away the responsibility of changing.
  • Anger is used as a weapon to control others and deprive them of their rights to be whom they are
  • Is a sign of lack of love and respect for others.
  • Chinese Liver Balance:  Reduces “wood energy,” the energy associated with anger;  detoxifies the liver; reduces feeling of anger and irritability by helping us create internal harmony and balance (Stressed formulas)
  • IF-C:  Reduces excess “yang” or heat in the body; cools fever and inflammation; cools feelings of irritability, agitation, and restlessness (Stressed formulas)

Holding Anger In

Find Strength Flower Essence + Chinese Trigger Immune (weakened formula)or Mood Elevator (stressed formula)

  • Experienced by abused people and animals
  • Hunched over posture
  • All cancer patients. They start resenting all they have to give but hold this resentment/anger in
  • People Pleasers
  • Gives courage to communicate openly and honestly in relationships
  • Important for adopted child and adoptive parents
  • Auto immune conditions because you are taking care of everyone else’s needs
  • Trigger Immune:  Increases energy and builds blood. Helpful for general weakness and lowered resistance to disease. Supports immune “shielding”  (weakened formula).
  • Mood Elevator: Enhances upright energy; lifts and calms the spirit, reducing anxiety; counteracts depression and sadness; relieves congestion (stressed formula).


Be Courageous Flower Essence + Chinese Spleen Activator and KB-C

  • Shy or introverted
  • Irrational Fears
  • Worriers who project fear into the future – Spleen Activator (Weakened formula)
  • KB-C gives you backbone (Weakened formula)
  • Helps people make their own decisions
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Use in acute situations when one has to do something “scary” such as speak in public, go to court, IRS audit, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes if you learn from them
  • Do what is right in your heart and it will be the right decision


Be Responsible + Stress Relief and Nervous Fatigue Formula

  • Addictions
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Chronic Stress, insomnia, trembling
  • Instead of making a choice to do something constructive, we chose to do something to distract us from our fear (eat, drink, take drugs, go shopping, watch TV,  play on computer, horde stuff, engage in any other addictive, compulsive, or self-defeating behavior)
  • Stress Relief: Anxiety, stress, insomnia, reduces stress and nervousness, relaxes muscle tension. Promotes calmness and tranquility (stressed formula)
  • Nervous Fatigue Formula: For those who feel exhausted and “burned-out.”  Improves sleep, detoxifies the liver. Promotes greater inner strength and ability to stand up to the stresses of life. (weakened formula)


  • Use during shock or trauma to calm and soothe people
  • Promotes awareness to remain in the moment
  • Helps one stay calm in a crisis situation
  1. Accidents or injuries
  2. Hearing bad news
  3. Personal or family crisis
  4. Death of a family member or close friend
  • Apply topically to any minor injury to reduce swelling and speed healing
  • Useful for people and animals


The time denotes when specific acupuncture meridians are most active.  If this activity awakens you, those meridians are needing support.  You can stop that nightly cycle by using Chinese Remedies OR other herbs with Flower Essences specific to the time period:

1-3 AM = LIVER

  •  Chinese Liver Balance (indicated stressed-yang energy)
  •  Chinese Blood Simulator (indicates weakened-yin energy)
  •  Keep Cool Flower Essence or Find Strength Flower Essence

3-5 AM = LUNGS

  •  Chinese Breathe Activator (indicated stressed-yang energy)
  •  Chinese Lung Support (indicates weakened-yin energy)
  •  Release It flower Essence or Open Heart Flower Essence


  • Tiao He Cleanse
  • CleanStart (Colon cleansing)
  • Bifidophilus Flora Force (Probotics)
  • Release It flower Essence


  • Food Enzymes
  • Chinese Anti Gas
  • Release It flower Essence


  • Blood Sugar Formula
  • Chinese Spleen Activator
  • Release It flower Essence

11 AM – 1 PM = HEART

  • Nervous Fatigue Formula
  • Chinese Stress Relief 
  • Open Heart Flower Essence


  • Small Intestinal Detox
  • Chlorophyll
  • Be Courageous Flower Essence


  • KB-C
  • Chinese Kidney Activator
  • Be Courageous Flower Essence


  • KB-C
  • Chinese Kidney Activator
  • Be Courageous Flower Essence


  • Nervous Fatigue Formula
  • Chinese Stress Relief
  • Release It flower Essence


  • Master Gland
  • Be Courageous Flower Essence


  • Gall Bladder Formula
  • Release It flower Essence

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.  

  • I have helped many people and am willing, able and waiting to help you to better health.
  • E-mail or call me for any help or questions you may have.

 For more information Contact:

Karen Olerich, Herb Specialist
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