How to Have A Healthy Body

1)      Increase oxygen: This may be as simple as breathing properly and making sure there is no hiatal hernia. Do deep breathing exercises at least twice a day. Try Chlorophyll ES to enhance oxygen transport plus CoQ-10 and/or Cordyceps..  

2)      Balance pH: Add alkalyzing nutrients, (ie. minerals, greens) such as Mineral Chi Tonic, GreenZone, Nature’s Harvest and/or Nature’s Sea Calcium.         

3)      Improve digestive system: To build health, you need to be able to assimilate your supplements and yourfood. Enzymes are essential! Take them: 1. with food, as every bit of nutrition available is crucial when illness is weakening the body and 2. on an empty stomach to assist the immune system in the clean-up of debris (ie. bad cells, viruses, parasites, etc.) Consider these enzymes:

Proactazyme or Food Enzymes– 2 per each  meal. (Add PDA with meals if over 50 or eating meat.)

Protease High Potency– 2 twice daily on empty stomach. Probiotic Eleven to build up the Microbiome.

4)      Detoxify:  It is essential to cleanse the liver and blood. Top choices are: E-Tea, Cellular Detox, Enviro Detox, BP-X, Pau d’Arco, Para Cleanse, Detox Basics orHeavy Metal Detox. The choice depends on the type of illness and the person’s life history and exposure to toxins.

 5)      Add antioxidants: The purpose and focus here is on building the healthy tissues. Thai Go is a #1 choice. Rotate: Grapine, Super ORAC, Nature’s Noni or Super Antioxidants..

 6)      Kill the Bad Guys: Excellent research has been done on s effect on cells by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, Purdue University. Silver Shield falls into this category. Immune Stimulator or Trigger Immune are great product to support most programs.

 7)      Increase your microbiome. A number of health conditions and chronic diseases have been linked to the makeup of your microbiome.

Ultrabiome DTX, 30 days, Bifidophilus Flora Force and Bacillus or Probotics Eleven or Elevated Eleven

 8)      Manage your Stress. Try: Nutri Calm, Stress-J, Pantothenic Acid and Eleulthero.

 Increase Joy and Pleasure: This is less tangible than adding supplements, but very critical. Not just ‘pleasure’ though, Take it a step further and say Find Purpose—purpose that you truly enjoy,  “Why am I here?” “Why do I want to stay?” “Why do I want true health & vitality?

Remember: Look at the whole system–not just the part suffering the symptom. A good diet is essential. Eliminate junk foods and all processed foods. Focus on wholesome vegetables, quality proteins and good fats. Drink half your body weight in water, lemon water, or cleansing teas daily.

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There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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