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Introduction to Herbs

Herbs were given to us by our CREATOR (found in the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis) as food which supports the whole body.Herbs were used for medical purposes back in Egypt, India, China, etc.

Then came the Industrial Revolution.  Folks left their fields and farms and flocked to the cities to work in factories and learn a new “modern” way of life.  The chemist became the key to modern medicine as he analyzed plants and isolated the “active ingredients” which he then synthesized and did a mass production.  For instance, past generations had used willow bark tea to reduce pain, fever and swelling.  Scientists determined that the “secret ingredient” was salicylic acid, which in the synthetic tablet form of Aspirin, commonly used today.

From the 1930’s to the 1960’s chemical medicine has remained virtually unchallenged.  In the 1970’s the tide began to turn. People became aware that many drugs on the market today have unpleasant or even dangerous side effects and they began looking for more natural ways to cope with health problems.  People like you and me were no longer content to let the doctor assume all responsibility for our health and welfare.  Many people became interested in learning for themselves how to stay well.

  • HERBS are plants and plants are organic matter.  They contain minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats. 
  • HERBS are food and used in cooking.  How many do you have in your kitchen?    Examples:   Sage, Capsicum or Cayenne pepper or Red Pepper,Ginger, Garlic or Parsley to name a few.’
  • HERBS will build, cleanse and maintain our bodies naturally, with out chemical side effects.

 Nature’s Sunshine Products has been in business since 1972 and makes herbs available in capsule, tablet and liquid form giving us a choice and for convenience.  One of the benefits of buying your herbs from NSP is that the contents of every barrel of herb powder that is received goes through strict quality control inspection to determine its identity, potency and purity.  Other smaller companies simply do not have the equipment or facilities for the testing like what is done at NSP, so you really do not know for sure what is in their bottles of herbs.

We’ve been told, that other companies approach NSP to find out if they have any rejected herbs so they can buy them.  I’ve heard that when they are rejected the salesmen have said, “No problem, I’ll just take them down the street and they’ll buy them”.  In 1995 the FDA did a random testing of different herbs by pulling bottles off the shelves of several stores and testing the products.  They found from nothing to very little in the bottles that was listed on the label.

I strongly advised you NOT to use any other company’s products but NSP if you want results.  Of course there will still be times that the product won’t work for you as expected or planed, but don’t give up or quit.. With some people it may take longer for the results you are looking for, but they are working and remember your diet may have an effect on your results.  Even though you took an herb for one problem it could be helping you with something you didn’t even know you had. In some cases you may have chosen the wrong herb or herbal combination for your body. I am here to help you with your choices so contact me below.

For results:  The key is to be CONSISTENT taking your herbs 2 to 3 times a day, EVER day without fail. You need to stick with NSP and not be jumping from one company to another or mixing any other company’s products with NSP. Herbs are food so you NEED to keep putting them in your body, just like you eat 3 meals a day.

Muscle Testing is almost always an accurate way of knowing what is best for your body and not for someone else.  Meaning one thing doesn’t work for everyone . Your body knows best and will tell me so.

Above all, you need to stop thinking symptoms and start thinking cause. Herbs are non-invasive, natural and rarely have undesirable side effects (no matter what “authorities” are trying to tell you). They almost never destroy one part of the body while “fixing” another. But using herbs to chase symptoms is not the answer. The answer is to address the cause. Poor diet, dirty elimination organs and a polluted environment is the cause.

  • I have helped many people and am willing, able and waiting to help you to better health.
  • E-mail or call me for any help or questions you may have.

 For more information Contact:

Karen Olerich, Herb Specialist
Phone: (719) 495-4930

Web:  Nature’s Sunshine Products

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