History and Medical Background of Muscle Testing

Applied kinesiology and biokinesiology are other names referring to muscle testing. ‘Bio’ means life and ‘kinetic’ refers to motion. Bio-energetics is the science of the active force of life. Bio-energetics states that every organism has bio-energy, the energy that makes us alive, that animates us. Every cell in our body contains this energy. Much like a two-way radio that receives frequencies of subtle bio-energy from various sources, energy we cannot see we receive bio-energy from everything in our environment. Just like the radio that can transmit it’s own frequencies of vibration into the environment around it, the human body sends out frequencies. These vibrations are very subtle and invisible to the naked eye and their existence was even denied until they were able to be recorded with sophisticated machines. Biokinesiology is now used in many areas of health care. Among these are veterinary medicine, dentistry, nutrition, osteopathy and herbal medicine.

An article in Systems DC, 1981, titled “Applied kinesiology in Chiropractic Exams” stated “Not until applied kinesiology has there been an approach to accurately understand the autonomic nervous system, which controls organs.”  In his study of the muscles, Dr. Goodhardt, of Detroit MI., found that each large muscle related to an organ in the body and that a weakness in a large muscle signaled a weakness in the related organ. Over the years he found that when he treated the muscle with nutritional support it helped the weak organ. Even if a patient just held the needed supplement, the muscle and it’s related organ both temporarily improved. He recognized this meant the body had electrical energy and was much like a magnet. This energy can now be measured using cardiograms, brain waves or EMGs. Some of the techniques currently in use for the purpose of measuring our magnetic energy include magneto encephalopathy, magnetic blood flow techniques, magnetic ballisto-cardiography and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Science speculates that we are more electrical than chemical. Modem physics teaches that everything in the universe has it’s own vibrational rate of energy, vitamins, minerals, each organ of the body, even color. Some things, seemingly unrelated, such as plants, food and human organs, have similar vibrational rates of energy. This helps to draw them together, much like magnets. This is most obvious during pregnancy when the expectant mother (whether animal or human) is drawn to the nutrients she needs by her cravings. In the deep south where minerals are poor in the soil and in the food, pregnant mothers often crave, and eat, river clay. This is where their best source of minerals are and they are drawn to it like a ‘magnet’.

The doctor or lay person who is interested in the study of the magnetic fields of the body can now purchase a machine, for around $5,000 (or more), that will register the responses of the body’s magnetic field to various substances. These work in place of one-on-one muscle testing, but with very similar results. The Data Touch Machine and the EAV machine from Germany are just two of these.

Dr. Paul Shepherd, in his book Healing Energies, stated “Within man there is a complex electrical system headed by a computer greater that Xerox and IBM put together, with each cell being a micro transformer/capacitor and even a rudimentary memory chip”. According to one holistic health care practitioner, muscle testing can be explained in the equation E=MC2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light. All matter comes from energy. Everything was made from nothing by energy. This equation explains creation. He goes on to say that everything is made up of atoms. This means everything is electrical, whether it’s you, the food you eat or your shoes.

Wayne Cook studied the energy fields of the human body many years ago, before any other field of science had acknowledged them. In 1972, he was invited to go to Stanford University and work with the department of Materials, Science and Engineering to prove out his findings with the assistance of their scientists. Along with Dr. William Tiller they proved the body does indeed have energy flowing in and throughout it. What they discovered was that the body has a positive and a negative current, as well as a neutral current.

Energy flowing clockwise has a positive current, energy flowing counter clockwise has a negative current and energy flowing vertically (up and down) is neutral. Everything, they found, had these energies. Healthy tissue in the body was found to have one type of energy, while unhealthy tissue had another.

A fourth type of energy was discovered. This was oscillating energy. This kind of energy was found in rodents, swine, poisons and diseased tissue. Dr. Cook decided to go further in his research of the animals that might have oscillating energy.  He found that all of the animals listed in Deuteronomy chapter 14 of the Bible, in the list of “unclean animals” had oscillating energy, with the exception of one that he was not able to locate.

In his study of unclean animals, Wayne Cook found that eating any of these caused disturbing effects on the vibrations of the body.

Pork changes the vibratory rates of the spleen, pancreas, thyroid and both kidneys, to an abnormal vibration that will last for several days. This abnormal vibration is friendly to cancer and parasites leaving these areas of the body hospitable to their infestation.

Other food substances that have oscillating energy include pork hot dogs, some lunch meats, some brands of soda pop, lobster, red and blue food coloring. 

He found healthy food products had vibrations similar to particular organs or glands of the human body. As a result, they have an affinity towards these organs or glands. In other words, they help to specifically feed these areas of the body.

Examples of these include: almonds and the pancreas tail; walnuts and the brain; lemon juice and the liver; golden delicious apples and the bone marrow; wheat berries and the kidneys; beef liver and the pancreas tail.

Basics of Muscle Testing:

The Thymus gland lies at the top and center of your chest. When this gland is weak, stressed or has been removed, muscle testing is very difficult to do. This gland is the factory for lymphocytes, the white blood cells responsible for the immunological reactions in the body. Lymphocytes are first made in the bone marrow and go from there to the thymus where they mature. From there they go to the spleen and the lymph nodes. The development of our T-cells results from the influence of thymus hormones on lymphocytes. T-cells are responsible for distinguishing between good cells in the body and bad cells or invading cells. They are especially effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells.

The Thymus takes the information about your body, it’s stresses, weaknesses, injuries, etc., and stores this information in the area of the superior cerebellar peduncle in the left side of your brain. When questions are asked of your body, such as during applied kinesiology testing, information is passed from this area to the lateral geniculate nucleus in the fight side of the brain. It will then send out negative impulses, via the autonomic nervous system, to the muscles of the body, if the answer to the question is a no. If the answer is a yes (confirmation or truth), nothing changes. In other words, no impulse is sent out because the brain agrees with the information in the question. For example, if you had a weak thyroid gland and you were asked if you’re thyroid was weak, the response would be what is considered strong. The muscles of the body retain their strength because the information is the same as what the brain already knows to be true, that the thyroid is weak. If you were asked if the thyroid is strong, the brain would respond with a negative impulse because this conflicts with the information it has registered. This negative impulse is then sent through the body by way of the autonomic nervous system. This in turn affects the muscles.

This type of muscle testing, where questions are asked of the body, is often met with criticism and it’s obvious why this is so. All through history people have doubted what they could not see. Some people will say it’s evil and even give Satan credit for it, rather than praising God for the wonderful way He made our body. When Jesus healed a man by casting out the demon that was in him, He was accused of doing it by the power of the prince of demons His reply: “Every kingdom divided against its self will be ruined and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matt. 12:24-27. It appears that it is against the very nature of demons to heal.

One other point of fact is that muscle testing doesn’t work when the electrical circuitry of the body is weak or the magnetic polarity is “off”. So then, if this is done through spirits, what does the electrical circuitry of the body have to do with it? Often you will find that the person you are about to test cannot be tested until they get a drink of water. This enables the electrical impulses to flow through the brain, autonomic nervous system and then to the muscles. Without these electrical impulses it does not work.

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