Silver Shield

Silver Technology — NOT your Grandmother’s Silver

  • New SILVER technology (2006). It is NOT colloidal.
  • Easily passes out of the body uncharged
  • Unlike old colloidal NEW tech is supper charged using AC current vs DC.
  • Uses 0.001% pure silver and 99,999% water. Supercharged means, it destroys electrons multiple pathogens without mercy many times over. Old “colloids” cannot do that.
  • Old colloids – donates one electron and that’s it! 1 time hit. So you have to use a lot of parts per million. Results can be toxic.
  • New silver technology has 2 electrons. It donates 1 electron to destroy a pathogen and at the same time re-charges another 2 electron. Younger multiple actions with less parts per million. Less is more compared to old forms.
  • The sweet spot is 20-25 ppm
  • Bio-dynamic and broad- spectrum
  1. Protects the body and contributes to better health.
  2. Useful as an internal and external disinfectant
  3. May support you natural defenses
  4. Supports the immune system.
  5. Safe, non-toxic and no side effects or contraindications


Silver Shield has two electrons. One binds with and removes single electrons from bacteria, viruses and fungi and then recharges itself over and over. This means that it is super charged to the point where it can continue to remove electrons, killing bacteria and viruses.

Traditional (including colloidal) silver has only one electron per silver particle which means it gets used up when it kills bacteria and viruses. Nature Sunshine’s Silver Shield uses patented nano technology which means that at 18-20 parts per million it does the work of other types silver at 5000 parts per million.

Silver Shield’s superior technology makes it capable of:  

  • May provide support against biological stressors.
  • May support your body’s response to biological stressors
  • Fights off biological stressers
  • Improves healing        
  • Being non-toxic (does not accumulate or cause heavy-metal contamination or worry of over- dosing        

Historical Uses of Silver Perorations

Hundreds of years before scientists and doctors understood what microbes were and how they cause illness the health benefits of colloidal metals, particularly silver, were suspected. Ancient Greeks used silver vessels for water purification, pioneers trekking westward used silver to keep their water safe and to prevent seasonal allergies in the Australian outback suspended silverware in their water tanks to slow spoilage and topical silver antiseptic solutions were used during World War IL

Medicinal silver compounds were first developed in the late 1800s. By 1940, approximately 48 different silver compounds were on the market for treating a variety of ailments. These were available in oral inject able and topical forms and carried such names as Alba gin, Novara, Profanely and Silvol.

The use of silver for purification purposes continues today. Silver water purification filters are used in Switzerland and by international airliners, silver catheters are used in hospitals and silver has even been used by NASA in water purification on space shuttles. Since 1973, silver has shown to have topical activity against 22 bacterial species (643 isolates), including gram positive and gram negative bacteria. New interest in silver has grown in recent years because of the emergence of antibiotic-resistant super bugs and the growing ineffectiveness of many antibiotics.

An Increasing Threat: Antibiotic-resistant Superbugs

New interest in silver preparations has grown in recent years because of the emergence of antibiotic resistant superbugs and the growing ineffectiveness of many antibiotics. More than 95 percent of staph bacteria are now resistant to penicillin. In the 1960s, methicillin replaced penicillin as the standard staph treatment, but today, more than 60 percent of staph bacteria are resistant to methicillin. In an October 2007 report from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), public health authorities estimate that MRSA strains are causing more deaths in the United States than AIDS. Silver preparations do not have the same problem with bacterial resistance. MRSA strains and Asian flu respond to therapeutic silver preparations

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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