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Essential Oils Singles

Bergamot: is used to support body challenges, seasonal changes or cold weather and soothe away tension Insect repellent & bites, skin problems, support intestinal tract with probiotics supplements, digestive system, urinary system and digestive system, nervous system, refreshing and uplifting quality, help balance Candida yeast, immune system  and circulatory system. Can stabilize a person in a shaky emotional state. During times of sadness or grieving, helps emotional problems and restore loving feelings. Diffuse to help break smoking habit.

Cedarwood Is a warm, sweet, earthy or woody aroma with a slight hint of camphor. Used for nervous system, relaxes muscle spasms, supports a health lung function, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Inhalation of Cedarwood oil can help air quality concerns and challenges going around this season.

Chamomile: May be used for skin problems,  hair care, inflammation, sleep problems, earaches, digestive problems, bone and joints, support menopausal and nutrition is important when dealing with menstrual problems, provides nutritional support during times of stress, teething pains, toothaches, intestinal problems, seasonal allergies. Applied over the throat it can help a person express their true feelings. Aromatic Influence: ability to relieve stress, tension & promote peace, can dispel anger, stabilize the emotions and help to release emotions linked to the past.

Cinnamon Leaf: It provides inflammation response. Provide support for joint and cartilage function, wasp stings, seasonal changes and strengthen the immune system. Use in vaporizer to purify the air or a diffuser. Used for scalp, skin care, lice, scabies, ticks and fleas. Enhances the digestive function and enzyme deficiency.

Clary Sage: is beneficial in regulating cells, hormonal balance may reduce hot flash symptoms, proper nutrition is important when dealing with PMS, Support the immune system, seasonal changes, maintain cholesterol already in a normal range, intestinal system, support the male glandular system, hair problems, skin problems, maintain blood pressure already in the normal range, childbirth, support the bronchial system, promote restful sleep and encourage a calm feeling. In mid-life crisis it can exert a balancing effect. Use in times of personal challenges or dealing with emotional issues. Aromatic influence: calming, enhances the dream state and brings about a feeling of euphoria.

Clove Bud: is use for respiratory system, toothache, pain, fight off biological stressors, intestinal invaders, hormonal balance, wounds, bruises, bums, cuts, insect repellent, aids joints and cartilage, lung problems, seasonal problems digestive system, intestinal system, liver problems, circulatory system and thyroid. Aromatic influences: healing, Support cognitive function and diminish age-related memory loss, protection and courage.

Cypress: is a fresh, pungent, woody aroma that has a soothing and calming, invigorating, mood uplifting and refreshing. Helps in times of difficult transitions in life. Exposure to the scent of cypress oil gives a feeling of inner strength and release of fear and anxiety, a strengthening of the mind with improved mental clarity, alertness and a greater sense of being able to handle life’s transitions. Recommended during periods of uncertainty, grief and loss. Research suggests that cedrol, one of the primary components of cypress oil, may be responsible for some of the soothing effects and to maintain blood pressure in the normal range, heart rate and breathing in the normal range.

EucalyptusIs an energy builder and an excellent oil when dealing with foreign invaders of the respiratory and urinary systems, seasonal problems, stimulates the regeneration of tissue. It loosens and expels mucus and promotes a healthy inflammation response. Aids immunity, lung problems, skin problems, bones and joints, blood sugar problems, insect bites, insect repellent, circulatory system, joints and cartilage, fights biological stressors and seasonal problems, . Cleansing where there is a conflict or argument, physical fighting and where negative energies are felt, emotional exhaustion, comforting for young children. Aromatic influences: promote health, well-being, purification and healing, diffused inhibits the spread of infection.

Frankincense: is an incredible Immune system builder. Skin problems, intestinal problems, digestive disorders, lung problems, lymph congestion, scars, laryngitis, seasonal problems, nervous system, hormonal balance and urinary difficulties, tone uterus and emotional problems. Herbally supporting the mind, assists in eliminating blocked personal growth. It contains sesquiterpenes, enabling it to pass the blood brain barrier to help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. Aromatic influences: recognized for Increasing spiritual awareness and meditation. Heals emotional wounds, stabilizing and centering oil, helps focus energy.

Geranium: is used for intestinal system, liver problems, blood sugar problems, urinary system, skin problems, circulatory system, skin problems; stimulates new cell growth, tones and tightens tissue, balances blood sugar, intestinal system, skin care, sore throat, adrenal glands, pregnancy, hormonal balance, nervous system, emotional problems. Aromatic influence: letting go of the negative past, eases the mentally and physically demanding days, overcome fear of speaking,

Helichrysum: is helps fight outside invaders (or) foreign invaders and promotes a healthy  inflammation response, skin problems, joint and cartilage, respiratory conditions, liver problems, nervous system,  circulatory system, maintains cholesterol in a normal range, cell function, intestinal problems, lymph drainage, skeletal problems, sunburns. It’s the only chelating oil, excellent for reconnective tissue, heals and repairs, activates right side of brain, good for visualization, personal growth, compassion. Mix with Rose to unite head and heart. Aromatic influences: uplifting and enhances the subconscious. When we lock up inside, get angry & don’t want to forgive trespasses, we create barriers which keep us from going forward in our lives.

Jasmine:  is one of the most expensive oils in the world. Jasmine’s mildly euphoric scent has an intensely rich, warm sweet floral aroma. It is the nervous system and emotional problems and nutrition important when dealing with PMS.

Lavender blends well with all oils. Skin conditions, fight off biological stressors skin problems, support joints and cartilage, sleep disorders, circulatory system, mouth abscess, digestive system, intestinal system, lymphatic system, hair problems, skin problems, regenerative, seasonal allergies, lung problems, earache, immune system, emotional health, insect bites and stings, lice, ringworm, sunburn, muscular aches & pains, intestinal system, seasonal problems,  restlessness, shock, vertigo, skeletal system and nervous system, increases cell growth (apply to wound or before having operation to area going to be operated on, helps the skin heal & rejuvenate), when in doubt, use this oil. Aromatic influences: health, love, peace and consciousness.

Lemon: aids digestive problems, cleansing of the lymphatic system, seasonal problems, lung problems,  digestive problems, circulation, Support healthy joint and cartilage function.  Infections foreign invaders, air disinfectant, immune system, skin problems, warts, cellulites, nervous system, circulatory system, obesity, seasonal problems, emotion problems, astringent, antiseptic, emotional clarity and brings joy.. Aromatic influences: health, healing, physical energy and purification.

Lemongrass: is used in aromatherapy as an effective remedy against seasonal problems  It helps outside invaders (or) foreign invaders.

Lime: is described as having a clean, refreshing scent that is cooling, energizing, reviving to the body, mind and spirit. Lime oil is used to promote mental clarity, uplift and sleep problems. Inhalation of lime stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and evokes alertness and reduces stress. 

Myrrh, Wild:  Helps fight outside invaders (or) foreign invaders, thyroid problems, intestinal problems, liver problems, lung problems, menstrual difficulties, stretch marks, speeds recovery from illness, skin problems, mature complexions, wrinkles, gum infections, gingivitis, voice loss, mouth ulcers, sore throat, hemorrhoids, boosts immunity, digestive system, awaken awareness, fear, emotional coldness, soothing, calming, supportive, connective. Aromatic influences: spiritual awareness, uplifting, releases stuck emotions and motivates you to move forward.

Neroli – Is uplifting and calming. For mental support, sleep, nervousness system, nutrition that is important when dealing with PMS, hyperactive children. Support the heart muscle function.

Orange –: is refreshing and energizing with sweet citrus scent and is used by aroma therapists to help uplift and brighten the mood and ease feelings of stress. Orange oil has mood-enhancing effects, mild antidepressant, anxiolytic and stress-relieving actions.  

Oregano,Wild  – Helps fight outside invaders (or) foreign invaders, immune-stimulant, balances metabolism, strengthen the vital centers of the body, respiratory problems, cognitive function and diminish age-related memory loss, Support healthy joint and cartilage function.  Aromatic influences: strengthening and feeling self-secure. Caution: hot oil and may irritate skin. Dilute before using.

Patchouli –  Helps fight outside invaders (or) foreign invaders, assist in achieving meaningful weight loss when added to a suitable diet regimen and exercise program, Used to support menopausal women, intestinal problems, aging skin, skin problems, sunburns, tissue regenerative, skin problems,  deodorant & helps control perspiration, intestinal problems, antidote for Insect and snake bites, nervous exhaustion, Insecticide, strengthening, grounding, integrates energy. Aromatic influences: emotional problems, helps recovery from stress-related conditions, Support cognitive function and diminish age-related memory loss.

Peppermint – Beneficial to the respiratory system, opens the sensory system, for stimulation, strengthening, shock, fever, headaches migraine, antiseptic, seasonal problems, skin and respirator system, fatigue, digestive problems. nervous system, toothache, skin problems, digestive system, intestinal system, motion sickness, circulation system, menstrual regularity. It mixes well with all oils. Aromatic influences: purification and the conscious mind, energizes & improves Support cognitive function and diminish age-related memory loss.

Pine Needle Clean, fresh smell seems to promote alertness and mental focus; benefits the respiratory and urinary system (Not for use on children under 5; can be a strong skin irritant)

Pink Grapefruit: Digestive complaints, weight problems, fluid retention, reducing cellulite,  kidney & liver problems skin problems, hair, tones the skin and tissues, muscle fatigue, seasonal problems and lymphatic decongestant.. Aromatic influences: It is uplifting.

Ravintsara – is a mild camphorous, woody, slightly floral scent with just a hint of spiciness. Ravintsara oil contains no camphor. It is a rich cineole content of ravintsara oil that is responsible for its faint camphorous aroma remedy applied topically on the chest and throat for seasonal ailments involving excess mucus. Aroma therapists recommend ravintsara oil for reducing fatigue, soothing and relaxing muscles, relieving joint inflammation and rheumatism, stimulating immune function and recurrent respiratory problems. 

Red Mandarin Has a sweet citrus aroma that is relaxing, uplifting and cheerful. It is calming, soothing, promotes restful sleep, nervous system, circulation problems. Ideal for children with emotional problems. Relives digestive problems, circulation, digestive and liver problems Helps prevent pregnancy problems and fluid retention

Rose – promotes and regulates female problems. Rose oil is recommended for impaired sexual response: It aids the circulatory system, digestive and nervous systems. Rose oil strengthens digestive system and intestinal function, relieves constipation and acts as an exceptional cleansing tonic for the liver, combating the effects of liver congestion and alcohol consumption, including symptoms of hangover. Rose oil regulates circulation and can be used to treat eye problems.

Rosemary, Wild –  It’s a good general all around oil. Natural herbal remedy for the immune system, endocrine system, female or male problems, candida, seasonal problems, respiratory system, blood sugar problems, mental fatigue, hair problems, skin problems, circulation, maintains cholesterol in a normal range, intestinal problems, adrenal problems, skin problems muscular, kidney & liver problems, analgesic, energy, new cell growth, strengthens body and controls mood swings, cellular metabolism, Aromatic influences: longevity, memory, uplifting and love. Arouses ambition & drives inspires the desire to achieve & strengthens willpower.

Sandalwood – May aid in meditation and benefits any skin condition or injury, mild enough for sensitive skin and skin problems, balances skin. It supports the lymphatic, nervous and circulatory systems and relieves skeletal problems, respiratory problems, intestinal problems, kidney problems, sexual performance, female problems, mail problems, sleep problems and fungus… Help remove negatively programming from the cells & increase oxygen around the pituitary & pineal glands, supportive in cases emotional problems… Aromatic Influences are meditation, sexual feelings and healing.

Sweet Marjoram – Western cultures regard as a symbol of happiness, love and bliss. Has a woodsy aroma, which includes hints of lilac, mint, rose and cloves. Useful for respiratory ailments seasonal disorders. for infected bed sores, lymph edema, lymphatic drainage massage, pain reliever, sprains, strains and toothache

Tea Tree – Sharp, strong aroma; famous for its beneficial effects on immune system and long used topically for antiseptic properties; added to spritzer for counter top disinfectants and cleaners; Tea tree oil has been highly praised for a wide variety of healing uses. Some people find the oil irritating when used full strength and need to dilute it with oil, but many people use it straight on athlete’s foot, insect bites, arthritis pain, burns, cuts, nail fungus, warts and sprains. Test for sensitivity by putting a drop on the inside of the elbow and leaving it for 24 hours to see if a rash develops. If a rash appears, always dilute tea tree oil with a small amount of olive or other carrier oil before using. This makes a great bug repellent.

Thyme,Wild – Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antiviral, works as a uterine tonic, neurotonic and cardiotonic. Immune system (increases white blood cells), overcoming emotional fatigue and physical weakness especially after Illness, colitis, sinusitis, dyspepsia, general tonic for stomach, infectious colitis, general fatigue, bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis, whooping cough, tuberculosis, cystitis, urinary, anthrax, abscess, sciatica, lumbago, bruises, bums, insect bites, lice, sprains, poor circulation, low blood pressure, sports injuries, diarrhea, chills, headache, insomnia, nerves. Aromatic influences: help supply energy in times of physical weakness and stress.

Wintergreen – is stimulating, woody fruity odor—a familiar scent in many gymnasiums since wintergreen oil is commonly used in muscle ache creams. Used to relieve body aches and pains, headaches, seasonal disorders and to improve oxygen. It is comprised entirely of methyl salicylate and it is a common industry practice to use these two names interchangeably. Methyl salicylate a potent substance that is related to aspirin, provides analgesic, fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory activity. Prior to the advent of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

Ylang Ylang – Calming, relaxing, soothing to nervous system, anti-spasmodic, balances equilibrium, balances heart function, circulation, general tonic, balance blood sugar, mental fatigue, sleep problems, performance disabilities, hair,  general skin care and self esteem. Aromatic influences: emotional balancing, and enhancing

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