Have you ever walked into a popular health food and vitamin store and found yourself completely overwhelmed by the endless rows of supplement bottles? The various brands, prices and the labels that leave you confused.

How do you know what you’re buying and if it’s at a fair price if they can’t answer these questions to your satisfaction…don’t waste your money!

1. Do They Require Quality Control of Their Products?  How Often?

This simply means that the company regulates their products and the manufacturers that supply ingredients for those products to make sure they have in them what they say they have. Johnson & Johnson only regulates their manufacturers 4 times per year. Small companies are not required to regulate at all!

2. Are Their Products Bioavailable?

Bioavailable means that the product will break down in your system and be released and dissolved so you can get the nutrients from it. Unbelievably, many products are not Bioavailable. In fact, One way to test the bioavailability is to dissolve your product in a warm glass of water. It should dissolve significantly in 45 minutes.

3. Do They Use Metallic Minerals?

Big manufacturers found that Americans do not like to take pills that smell, so they would shellac and coat them so they would no longer smell. Many of these shellacs are not biodegradable and don’t absorb into our system so we push them right through.

4. Do They Use Synthetics?

Synthetics are vitamins made in a laboratory just like one that occurs in nature that are not exactly the same. These are slightly mutated. The problem is synthetics are highly allergenic and they won’t bring the same results as the authentic, natural product.  You need to be aware that all the studies ever done on the benefits of nutrition and health have never used synthetics.

5. Does Their Products Contain Large Amounts of the RDA?

1 00% of RDA of vitamins and minerals is not sufficient. The RDA was designed for minimal health, not optimal health. It takes 5 to 7 times the amount of nutrition to get well as to stay well.

6. Do Their Prices Reflect the Quality?

Unfortunately, price has nothing to do with the quality of the product. You must look at quality control (does it have what it says it has in it) and how that product is processed (see Question 9).

7. Do They Have a Guarantee or Refund?

Any ethical company ought to offer a refund or guarantee on their products.

8. Do They Have Quality Information On Their Products?

Many companies spend lots of money advertising and marketing their products, but when you call their phone number, they have nobody available to answer your questions.

9. Do They Co-process or Maintain the Integrity of the Products?

Many companies will use the cheapest way to create their products, which is to put all the ingredients together, boil it up, stir it and put it into a pill. But you know every time you cook your food, it decreases the nutritional value . They would do this and not evaluate nutritional value afterwards, they’d evaluate it before the cooking process.

10. Are Their vitamin and mineral products plant derived?

The human body can NOT digest non organic minerals. It poorly processes synthetic vitamins. These synthetic and non organic products are cheaper but…….you get little or no benefit.

11. Do they test the bulk herbs they use for radiation?

When I mention this people ask “why?” Well, have you ever heard of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster? Most bulk herbs come from Eastern Europe. Right after this disaster producer got in the fields and harvested all they could. These herbs were radioactive. These same producers are still trying to get their harvest into the market. Unless you want to glow in the dark or have weakness from radiation then you don’t want to put these herbs in your body.

12. Do They offer you someone to assist you with designing and updating a program specifically for you?

With all the supplements, herbs and herbal combinations it can become very confusing. There is a reason for these broad selections. One size does not fit all. We all have different needs and weaknesses. Only a specialist that is there just for you can insure you get what you need. It’s like having your own personal trainer. Be sure to contact the person below for help.

  • I have helped many people and am willing, able and waiting to help you to better health.
  • E-mail or call me for any help or questions you may have.

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