The  Alien Estrogens that Destroy our Love Life

There is a serious problem affecting the reproductive health of both men and women worldwide. The problem comes from xenoestrogens, environmental chemicals that mimic estrogen in the human body. Xeno means foreign, so these umlaut-Ed estrogens are aliens to the natural order of the body. They disrupt the endocrine system contributing to uterine fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer and uterine cancer in women.

In men, they contribute to reduced testosterone levels, lowered sex drive, weight gain, loss of muscle tone, the development of “man boobs” or breasts in men, erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement and cancer, lowered sperm counts and infertility, undescended testicles and even deformations of the male sex organs.

Clearly, these alien estrogens are invading our bodies and causing a lot of problems with our reproductive health. It’s time to fight back!

We can start by avoiding the common sources of these chemicals, which include certain  pesticides and herbicides; hormones fed to commercial chickens and dairy cows; laundry detergents and cleaning products; and soft plastic containers. Choosing organic foods, especially dairy products and eggs, is a good start. Soft plastics are a major source, so avoid food or water from soft plastic containers. Do not microwave food in plastic containers or put hot food into plastic containers. Don’t allow your children to chew on soft plastic toys.

We can detoxify from exposure to xenoestrogens by supporting enzyme systems in the liver that break these chemicals down. Cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli contain sulphur compounds such as Indole-3 Carbinol which accelerate estrogen breakdown in the liver. Indole-3 Carbinol can be taken as a supplement.

In women, increasing progesterone by using Wild Yam & Chase Tree will block receptor sites from taking up excess estrogens. One can block these receptor sites using phytoestrogens (compounds in plants that weakly mimic estrogens). Estro Assured is a phytoestrogen formula that helps block these alien estrogens. Eating whole grains, beans and dark, leafy-green vegetables counteracts xenoestrogens, thus protecting you against this alien menace.

There are many more products that can work that aren’t listed in this article.

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